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Embodying Marimar’s material interpretation and philosophy, Stones is an ever-evolving, curated selection of materials that comes in different finishes and for a variety of purposes.

We source and trade a wide range of stones of different origins, shapes, and colours. Here, you can explore the raw materials we find to be the most compelling, along with suggested finishes and applications. This is just the very best of our vast catalog, which includes hundreds of stones: we have the capacity, and network, to go well beyond that.

Marimar - Avorio - Texture Total


Marimar - Thala Grey - Texture Total

Thala Grey

Marimar - Spider Green - Texture Total

Spider Green

Marimar - Black Chasm - Texture Total

Black Chasm

Marimar - Breccia Imperiale - Texture Total

Breccia Imperiale